Fluorescent pen – MK01

Fluorescent pen – MK01


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Fluorescent pen or Ledboard markers, Blackboard markers, is a special marker . The ingredients is mainly from smooth fluorescent powder. It’s also similar to markers in the point that the penpoint is easy to dry , bright color, non-toxic , clear and sharp handwriting. These pens are used in a long period without worrying about decreasing of ink color.

We also bring about more choices related to the color of ink such as green, blue, yellow, pink, etc. It’s extremly convenient and helpful for writing Ads , especially combines with a spotlight on your table at night .

  • Shake the pen
  • Press sank down the pen a few times before writing
  • Start writing your ad content
  • Finally, after you’ve finished writing the content, cap pen to avoid dry penpoint.





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Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Blue, Violet