PGrand Staples No 10 PG -1010

PGrand Staples No 10 PG -1010

20.000 80.000 

  • PGrand 10 staples are Constructed from superior quality, carbon steel wire and finely honed chisel points for maximum penetration.
  • Each box includes 1000 staples, and sold in 5-box pack, 5000 pcs in total
  • Each staple fastens 2 to 20 sheets of paper and has a 3/16″ leg length.
  • This mini staples are designed and made specially for staplers of many brands that use No.10 staples
  • PGrand No 10 staples are used in school, at home and office, photocopy shop
  • Attention: These mini staples are smaller than standard office staples, not suitable for staplers using 1/4″ staples
  • Avoid: high tempered, store at dry place
  • Package:

             5 boxes X 1000 pcs/ pack

20 boxes X 1000 pcs/ set

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5 boxes X 1000 pcs/ pack, 20 boxes X 1000 pcs/ set