Wooden Animals Puzzles

Wooden Animals Puzzles


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These smart and special puzzle products are made out of high – quality wood with a variety of animals to choose from: Mouse,Bull,Tiger,Rabbit,Snake,Goat,Dinosaur,Chicken,Dog,Lion,Dolphin,Kangaroo,Turtle,Rhino,Crocodile,Elephant.This interesting puzzles can help small kids develop creativity,or relax after a tiring day of school.It also help kids build up patience and the love with puzzles!

These puzzles are made inside the Art Villages of Vietnam, with environmental-friendly wood. They contain small parts that will form unique animals when completed.This product has been exported to many countries such as Japan, Korea, America and the Europe.

  • Product’s Basic Information:
  • Made in: Vietnam (At the Art Village-Ha Noi)
  • Materials: Natural Wood
  • Weight: 150 – 250 grams (Depends on the animal)
  • Size:  Length: 10-40cm – Width: 5-10cm – Height: 5-10cm

They can also be bought as gifts,decorations or a toy to help with everyday stress,help build creativity and patience for people all around the world.

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Additional Information

Animals to choose from

Dolphin, Crocodile, Wolf, Mouse, Goat, Chicken, Kangaroo, Dinosaur, Pig, Cat, Horse, Hedgehog, Snake, Dragon, Turtle, Rhino, Bull, Elephant