White box files

White box files

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  • Components: – Thick PP plastic material cover, rigidity when holding.
  • Size of cover is A4 ( 28x 31cm), size of back file is from 2,0 cm to 10,0 cm .
  • The middle of box files is designed with 1 plated stainless steel ring that fastened certainly to mid-cover, the hooks used to separate paper files together into a big book.
  • Size of back files related to the number of documents stored. With the size of back files from 2,0 cm to 10,0 cm that can be stored many documents. There are many different types of ring sizes which is bigger size, the customer depends on the use of each type of the file holder to choose appropriately.
  • Uses: Save and store your papers and documents. Giving them a place to tidy order, easy search. Office space arranged neatly, work was completed smoothly. Bring about a hight working efficiency, using binder is applied hosting a scientific paper.

Note: Store at degree: 10 ~ 55º C, Humidity: 55 ~ 95% RH. Keep away from heat, oil and grease.


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Size back file is from

2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 10cm


2 Rings, 3 Rings, 4 Rings


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