Lacquer Painting Disc

Lacquer Painting Disc


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Lacquer Painting Disc

Size: 20cm

Lacquer painting is known as one of the art materials in VietNam. This is discovery and technical development of painting work, a Vietnamese traditional industry that develop to technical lacquer painting. However, the word to call ‘’ Son mai’’ ( In english : Lacquer) sometimes be understood as Chinese art stuffs or Japanese art stuffs. The grind technique is the biggest different between those art stuffs and Vietnamese lacquer painting.

Lacquer paintings are made by colored traditional materials such as black lacquer, cockroach wings color to make the adhensive and also some kind of lipstick, silver sheaves, golden sheaces, shell, etc painted on black background stature. In early decade, the first painters of Dong Duong Art College has reseached some other painting materials such as egg shells, snail shells , hard bamboo,etc. Specially, they have applied lacquer technique to create remarkable lacquer paintings. The term of lacquer and lacquer painting has been used from that time. The painting could be painted and grinded until the painter satistified. Polishing is the last stage.

Lacquer paintings are also noticeable because of some unusual points. To make the layer of paint which has just been painted to dry, it must be kept in a airtight and high huminity cabinet. To see the paintings clearly, it’s necessary to continue to grind it.

Most of the painters agree that lacquer painting technique so difficult and accidental that some experienced artists surprised at image results after finishing.